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The main character's voice should sound youthful, conceited and flirtatious.

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Eversea: a love story. She is funny and sassy and has internal dialogue and 'pauses for effect' that need to carry over. Three Wishes. Performance Notes A Stephanie Bond romance. Falling For a Stranger. Performance Notes Another Barbara Freethy popular romance.

In Deep Voodoo Mojo, Louisiana humorous mystery series 1. It combines a little bit of magic, romance, and mystery.

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A woman receives a voodoo doll of her lying cheating ex-husband as a gag gift at her divorce party, Whole Lotta Trouble a humorous romantic mystery. Deliciously frothy, and small comedic details abound. Performance Notes By Randy L. Schmidt Little Girl Blue is an intimate profile of Karen Carpenter, a girl from a modest Connecticut upbringing who became a Southern California superstar.

Karen was the instantly recognizable lead singer of the Carpenters. Reunion at Mossy Creek. Performance Notes By Deborah Smith, Sharon Sala, Sandra Chastain Welcome back to Mossy Creek--the warm-hearted but stubborn residents of the small town whose motto is "Ain't goin' nowhere, and don't want to" are once again sorting out the joys, sorrows and everyday mysteries of life. Ignited, Vol.

Jennifer Skully

Performance Notes By Desni Dantone Seventeen year old Kris Young is on the run from a throng of superhuman golden-eyed freaks hell-bent on seeing her dead, and she doesn't know why. Private Confessions. Performance Notes Slight southern accent. Progressive Dinner Party. Performance Notes Retired octogenarian schoolteacher Myrtle Clover is fit to be tied when her book club votes to change to a supper club. Who wants chips and dip when they can have Dickens and Twain? The first supper club is a progressive dinner But when a body is discovered during the main course, the evening quickly gets interesting.

Cowboy's Kiss. Performance Notes Male character has slight southern accent. Upon their upcoming 18th birthday, Kama's friends Jocelyn and Matthew gets a surprise visit from someone Jocelyn did not believe she would ever see again What starts out as a sweet visit ends in the most shocking revelation. Performance Notes With passion and strength, Mary DeMuth brings balance and insight to the often murky realm of spiritual warfare. As you embrace the abundant life to which God calls his daughters, she'll tell you why your voice matters for eternity.

And on the darkest days, you'll know that spiritual warfare is about bowing before the Creator, not cowering before the devil. It's about finding freedom and beauty in the midst of devastation.

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It's about the power of God to heal our hearts, to move mountains, to intercede when we're weary. It's about crucifixion and a defiant, glorious resurrection. Wendy and The Lost Boys. Performance Notes Award-winning comedic writing. So much fun to produce. Somewhere In Time. Performance Notes This sample contains the haunting voice of the hero's grandmother as well as the hero and heroine. She's Gotta Be Mine. In this audition, the author wanted to make sure the narrator could preform from a male POV. Moon Rise. Performance Notes Her mom's still dating losers.

Her boyfriend's gone back to Mexico. Dad still hasn't told his wife and kids that she exists. At school, the drama queens and bullies still rule.

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But worst of all for Allie Emerson--aka the Star Seeker of an old Gypsy prophecy--is that her powers have taken a hike. She can't read minds anymore. She can't move stuff just by looking at it.

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The other Star Seekers are counting on her psychic gifts more than ever, and the evil Tri-marks are closing in, eager to snatch her magic moonstone necklace while she's helpless. The hot new guy at school is ready and willing to fight her battles, but he comes with some wicked baggage. My new BF is a demon. London Broil. Dating a Cougar. Performance Notes Romance with humor. Performance Notes Military sci-fie by Jay Allen.

Christmas Guardian Angel. Performance Notes A sweet romance, just in time for Christmas! She Wanted It All. Performance Notes A real-life murder investigation. Mountain Laurel.

Fool's Gold A sexy funny mystery romance, Cottonmouth Book 2 Cottonmouth Novel Volume 2

The Legacy of The Watchers. When Wishes Collide. Murder Down Under. Simply Irresistable. Garden of Happy Endings. Fade Out. What does one expect to find in the mind of a killer?

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